USPSA’S Steel Challenge Shooting Association to Update Peak Stage Times for 2019
USPSA Headquarters
Aug 14, 2019

The new Steel Challenge classification system was introduced in July of 2016. In 2016, USPSA’s Steel Challenge Shooting Association announced that reviews of Peak Stage Times (PST), which are used for classification, will be performed on a periodic basis.

Periodic reviews of Steel Challenge PST’s may result in changes to scores required to attain each level of classification. All existing scores/classifications will remain unchanged due to any PST adjustments, and classifications can only improve. This is often referred to as ratcheting-up. The last PST changes included Pistol Caliber Carbine Open and Rimfire Rifle Open Divisions, and were effective February 1, 2017.

After the 2018 SCSA World Speed Shooting Championship, USPSA President Mike Foley, SCSA National Program Coordinator Zack Jones, and Jeff Jones, an experienced Match Director and avid competitor, reviewed all stage times from the larger tier 2 and 3 matches, including the last two World Speed Shooting Championships. The times were compared to the current PST’s to determine if any adjustments would be made.

Initial PST analysis indicated a change of up to 8 seconds for some divisions. After review of the analysis, the changes will be no more than 4 seconds in any given division. The review also indicated that an annual review should be conducted on all PST’s. The team decided to keep PST’s in half second intervals for ease of use by competitors, continuing the 2016 standard.

Some of the divisions have seen an increase in participation, and new records are being set at nearly every match. To accurately reflect those trends, several PST’s in 9 of the 13 divisions will get adjustments that create faster stage times. In one division, Revolver, the overall PST is not changing due to offsetting adjustments. In the final two divisions Pistol Caliber Carbine Irons and Carry Optics, the limited amount of data recorded at major matches does not support a change at this time.

On January 1, 2019, USPSA’s Steel Challenge Shooting Association will implement new Peak Stage Times for 10 divisions as follows:

Revolver Division

5 to Go


Smoke & Hope

Outer Limits


The Pendulum

Speed Option