Club 13
USPSA Headquarters
Nov 26, 2019
What started out as a challenge amongst a few competitors at the 2017 World Speed Shooting Championship has now taken on a life of its own, getting classified in all 13 divisions of Steel Challenge. Yes, there are 13 Divisions that steel shooters can get classified in.
Rimfire Pistol Irons, Rimfire Pistol Optics, PCCO, PCCI, Rimfire Rifle Irons, Rimfire Rifle Optics, Revolver Irons, Revolver Optics, Open, Limited, Single Stack, Carry Optics, Production

It started quietly as people took on the challenge of Club 13. Steel Challenge Coordinator Zack Jones started to track competitors progress and had a “13” sticker made up that he presented to competitors that achieved this status.

After the 2019 WSSC and with the new Steel Challenge website released the list of competitors in “Club 13” was posted for everyone to see.

The list now has over 40 members and continues to grow. Our Industry Partner, Palmetto State Armory, reached out and wanted to add special recognition for those that have achieved Club 13 by sponsoring a Challenge Coin. 

Everyone on the Club 13 list will be receiving theirs in the mail shortly and as more competitors join the club additional coins provided by Palmetto State Armory will be sent out.

Current members of Club 13 can be found at 

If you are a current member of club 13 please send your mailing address to Zack Jones ([email protected]) so that he can mail your coin.